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Shelia Earl: Painting a ministry

DSC_7023 full size edited signed

Location: Old Town – Skopje, Macedonia

Since leaving Macedonia for our last Off-Field Assignment that began last fall, I have been reflecting on the way in which we have done ministry while living in several international settings.  We could compare our ministry to the process of painting with watercolors.  It has been exhilarating and intimidating, at the same time.  We faced a clean, blank paper at the beginning of what was to “be” after 32 years.  We had less control over the outcome than if we had chosen to paint in oils.  The colors ran together with a mind of their own; they danced around each other until they developed into a new and harmonious picture.  The painting began with the first stroke of the brush, but it didn’t end there; it continues as the “eye of the beholder” claims the story for his/her own.

This photo blogs comes from one of CBF’s retired field personnel, Shelia Earl. It will be part of a series of photo blogs by Shelia, documenting her experiences as a field personnel and travels now.

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