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“Top Ten” for CBF in Virginia

This post comes from new CBF in Virginia Coordinator Rob Fox:


Picture this.  In ten years, imagine CBF in Virginia is…


1)      Becoming Younger.  Increase the leadership and overall population of CBF in Virginia family who are 40 years and younger by 2019.  We will do this by honoring and seeking wisdom from the generation who has built and strengthened this movement.


2)      Increasing Diversity.  Increase the diversity of leadership and overall population of CBF in Virginia family by 2019.


3)      Becoming Greener.  From the Blue Ridge Mountains to Chesapeake Bay, we in Virginia have been entrusted with beautiful “green spaces.”  By 2019, let’s become known as the Baptists who champion stewardship of the earth.


4)      Promoting Women Pastors.  Not only should CBF in Virginia distribute the resumes of female ministers, we should promote and exhort church search committees to consider a woman as their next pastor.  By 2019, let’s encourage women pastors as an active part of our Fellowship movement in Virginia.


5)      Supporting BTSR.  By 2019, let’s increase the overall number of churches who give annually to BTSR.  Encourage leadership and participation from BTSR students in CBF in Virginia.


6)      Embracing Technology.  By 2019, CBF in Virginia becomes recognized nationally for our increased connection and service to churches, missionaries, and theological education via technology.


7)      Encouraging Intergenerational Involvement in Mission.  In partnership with PASSPORT,

Inc. and other hands-on mission partners, CBF in Virginia will encourage and promote

new initiatives for children, youth, and adults to connect with missions and missionaries

in Virginia and around the globe.


8. Connecting Big & Small Churches.  By 2019, CBF in Virginia will foster new partnerships and resource sharing between “big and small steeple” churches.  Both groups will find their Baptist home and identity within this Fellowship.


9) Fostering Leadership in Congregations.  In partnership with BTSR, CBF in Virginia will

increase the overall number of students who consider the call to ministry and enter a

CBF-related seminary.  CBF in Virginia will actively partner with the BTSR to encourage greater training of laity within Virginia congregations.


10) Voicing the Progressive and Prophetic.  By 2019, CBF in Virginia will be known as a

progressive and prophetic voice for Baptists in Virginia who balance historic Baptist

principles with new, creative partnerships for the promotion of the gospel and the

establishment of God’s kingdom in Virginia and beyond.


To offer your feedback, please contact Rob Fox at

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