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Are you coming to CBF’s General Assembly in Houston?

The following post is from Daniel Vestal, CBF’s executive coordinator.

General Assembly is one of the highlights of my year, and I’m especially looking forward this year’s gathering in Houston, July 2-3. This Assembly represents a genuine effort to reflect the new strategic priorities that CBF adopted last year: Honoring Race, Gender, Generations; Interacting with the World Community; and Missional Leadership.

The speakers and presenters are younger and come from different cultural backgrounds. The ministry workshops will challenge us to examine our lifestyles and priorities so we can engage more fully in God’s mission. The worship will be fresh with energy and joy. Because we are a Fellowship, the event schedule has been planned with ample time for conversation, networking and fellowship.

The theme, “Embrace the World: Welcome to Your Neighborhood” is compelling. As someone who lived in Houston many years, I can tell you the urban context of this city is multi-ethnic, multi-racial in a way that is dynamic and synergistic. It is an ideal backdrop as we come together to be challenged to live in more meaningful ways, reaching out to our neighbors as Christ did. Come experience the 2009 General Assembly.

Visit to learn more.

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