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Kentucky Baptist Fellowship Spring Gathering

At the Kentucky Baptist Fellowship spring gathering in Owensboro this past weekend, we learned about the connection between the Fellowship and the Millennium Development Goals.  This was the main theme of the gathering and it was truly a moving experience to hear how God is ministering among the most neglected and least evangelized around the world.  Julie Pennington-Russell was the speaker for the weekend.  She challenged us to be Christ’s presence to those oppressed, forgotten, marginalized.  She challenged us to worship God with our whole life not just for an hour on Sunday. 

On Saturday, Julie read passages from Isaiah and Amos in which God tells the people that God objects to their worship.  Then Julie posed a powerful question, “Could it be that God’s biggest objection with our worship and our being has to do with people that we do not even know, and the fact that we do not know them and are doing nothing about it?  Statistics from the UN show that 720 children will die of poverty related causes in one hour of worship.  As we struggle personally and corporately with what to do about that, it is evident that our calling is to do something in response; it is evident that our calling is to be something in response.  Being together with fellow Baptists in Kentucky learning how, as the presence of Christ, we can and are doing something, and how we can and are being something, is a great way to spend a weekend.

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