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Service in September: What is the Why?

This article is the second in a series written by members of a generation that has been defined by the events of September 11, 2001. Rev. Christopher Aho is Pastor of Hillcrest Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama, and is a member of Wilshire Baptist Church’s Residency Cohort as well as a former CBF Congregational Resident. He is married to Natalie, and they have a son who loves to ask, “why?”

My three year old’s favorite question is: “Why?” Do you know what I mean?

Yet, as an adult, I often avoid this question. It’s easier to do what was done before and not question a process. Life is simpler when I avoid challenging tradition and authority. But, to Current’s steering committee, I went out on a limb and asked, “why?”

Why Service in September?

It’s a really busy time of the year. Football is back, students just finished weekly youth missions projects and others are still aglow from mission trips. Fall is around the corner bringing with it the holiday food drives and college students from greek organizations looking for community service. So, why NOW? Let’s take the month off…

But, I got answers. Some were simple others, emotional. Some were pragmatic but all were passionate and they leaned toward this single theme: to respond.

As young baptists, Current wants to encourage our movement to respond positively to tragedy. We believe the best response to the destruction that happened ten years ago is construction. We believe that by serving our neighbors and by making a difference in our corners of the world, we are being the presence of Christ.

We cannot put the towers back up, take away the resentment that led to Sept. 11, 2011. We cannot heal the hurt that have come because of that day, but we can respond. We can be pro-active. We we can love our neighbors and our communities and we can respond to tragedy by trying to build something positive.

Will you will respond with us? You may not be of ‘Current age’ but you can still respond by serving in September. Be the presence of Christ in your community and build something positive in the wake of the tragedy that is associated with this day. This is what Christians are called to and this is why Current will Serve in September. Will you will serve alongside us?

One thought on “Service in September: What is the Why?

  1. Hey Chris,
    I ran across your blog from the Connects newsletter. It’s been a while since Young Leaders. Just wanted to say hi. I see you are in Alabama these days. HOpe all is going well.
    Daryl Trexler

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