General CBF

Resources for Syrian Refugee Response

By Josh Speight

As the Syrian refugee crisis continues to grow, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship wants to resource you as you and your congregations and communities discern how best to respond to the more than 4 million Syrian refugees seeking safety in Europe, the United States and other countries around the world. As our government leaders debate how they will respond, the welcome of the stranger is being challenged because of fear and a poor understanding of the difficult journey Syrian families face when fleeing their homes.

As followers of Christ, the command of Jesus is quite clear to feed the hungry, give drink to those who thirst and to welcome those who are strangers among us (Matthew 25:35-38). May these resources help you as you seek the brave path of love instead of fear and the hopeful choice of human kindness.

Josh Speight serves as the CBF Missional Congregations Resources Manager. For more information on the above resources, contact him at To learn more about how you can give to provide resources for CBF field personnel serving among Syrian refugee populations, visit

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