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How to juggle

By Bryce Williams

brycewilliamsWe’ve all said it: “There isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done that I have to do.”

Time management is sometimes hard in ministry because we wear so many different hats and want to make everything we do the best it can be. At this point my life, I find myself with a full class schedule, a new youth ministry position and an internship with CBF of Virginia. I love every aspect of my life and want to prove myself in all of these positions.

But sometimes it’s hard to find time to get everything that is asked of me done. I feel a great responsibility because I am trusted with tasks that are important to my education as well as the people whom I work for. What is this drive we have that makes us think we can do more than we may be equipped for? I believe that it is the drive and grace given from God that allows us to complete more than we are equipped for. That grace has saved me and pushed me throughout my life.

When I was a teenager my best friend was a juggler. He juggled bowling pins, knives, fire; you name it he juggled it. I have always liked the metaphor of juggling tasks in our life like a juggler. We hold onto one ball then release it for another ball only to have the previous ball come back around. This is how I have had to work. I take time with the task at hand then carefully turn my attention to the next task but keep my eyes on all of them to keep moving forward.

My friend taught me how to juggle and it was so much fun to learn a new skill. It was my father that taught me about time management. He would keep me on task as a boy and allow me to take the reigns and try things for myself. My dad was the one who encouraged me. My dad was the one who helped pick me up after I “dropped a ball while juggling”. My dad is still the one who talks to me and raises me up to preform at a high level. I am so thankful for what my dad has taught me.

Every day is one that builds upon the next. We don’t start with a clean slate but move forward with God to make decisions and choices in our lives that determine who we are and what we are for others. I enjoy helping others, I enjoy getting involved with whatever I can, and I enjoy serving God.

At times writing this short piece I have found myself relaxing and letting the stress lift off of me. This has been my Sabbath. Sometimes we need to remember that it’s okay to be overloaded and there are many ways to accomplish everything we want. But with every avenue we take God is the common theme. It has been so great saying these words that we all know and maybe can be reminded of what we have going on in our own lives.

Bryce Williams is a CBF Leadership Scholar attending Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond, Va. 

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