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Give the Gift of New Life this Easter

This Easter, you have a chance to save a family from a life of poverty and hunger.

In places like Cambodia and other communities around the globe where CBF field personnel serve, life is difficult. People work hard, but still live in extreme poverty due to a lack of jobs, food and opportunities.

You can help by making a gift to provide better homes and the food families desperately need. Your Easter gift can be a start to a new way of life.

Your gift can help someone like Sophal, who lives in a small Cambodian village. She and her husband do all they can to support their five children, including their recently born baby girl. But no matter how hard they try, most nights their children go to bed hungry. There just isn’t enough food for all of them.

CBF Social Campaign_easter-02To make matters worse, they live in a shack that has holes in the floor and weak spots the children can fall through. There is standing water underneath that attracts insects, odor and disease. These living conditions are not suitable for children, especially young ones.

Sophal tries to make money to support her family. She gathers edible plants and sells them at the local market, while her husband tries to find local construction work. They bring home no more than about $3 a day. There just isn’t enough money to feed her family.

Your gift can provide resources to help a family like Sophal’s.

When you make a gift today, families can receive the help they need. They will also receive the spiritual guidance and encouragement they need from CBF field personnel. There have been countless stories of people finding Christ through local Bible studies and prayer meetings. That’s the power of your support.

CBF Social Campaign_easter-04-04Your gifts will bring new life in Jesus Christ through sharing the Gospel.

There are so many other people in Cambodia and around the world like Sophal who desperately need help providing for their families and who long to live a new life in Christ. This important work doesn’t stop with just one person or family; it must continue.

Please give a gift today at so other families living in poverty can have renewal this Easter season and build a path to a safe, healthy and productive life.

Thank you for giving generously so that lives can be changed!

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