CBF Podcast: Exodus Preaching, featuring Kenyatta Gilbert

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By Andy Hale 

Recently, I was told that “Churches aren’t preaching the Gospel anymore.”

Befuddled by such a claim, especially knowing that I had just a few days prior preached from Mark 2, my clarifying questions were met with, “Too many churches are preaching a political agenda about race, equality, economic issues. These are not a message centered on asking people to believe in Jesus.”

One could read the Gospels and come away with the most basic nature of Jesus’s message of belief. At the same time, one could read the Gospels and come away with the most basic nature of Jesus’ message to believe and, therefore, bring Kingdom-centric transformation to the world.

The task of preaching has always been a unique practice. For the one giving the proclamation, a unique sense of discernment, contextualization, hope, prophetic edge and prudence is required.

When faced with the most vile and unjust circumstances, the orator must decide whether or not he or she will rise to the occasion.

“Preachers must speak a crucial witness when circumstances of death and degradation touch human life,” said Kenyatta Gilbert, the associate professor of homiletics at the Howard University School of Divinity in Washington, D.C.

Kenyatta Gilbert was reared in the tremendous legacy of preaching. The son of Baylor University’s first African American graduate and Waco’s first Civil Rights leader, Robert Gilbert, Kenyatta carries the mantel of relevant and prophetic preaching.

We sat down with Kenyatta to discuss his book, Exodus Preaching, and his working theology of preaching.

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Andy Hale hosts the podcast of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Hale is the senior pastor of University Baptist Church of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Follow on Twitter @haleandy

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