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Words in the Dark: The Seven Last Words of Christ – Holy Tuesday

“Woman, behold your son; son, behold your mother”

Among Jesus’ words from the cross are words of provision for his mother and a disciple whom he loves dearly. As he dies, he models a sacrificial concern for his mother and a tremendously close friend.

When we listen to Jesus speak these words, we are called to consider how we take care of one another in our families and in the holy friendships that most sustain our lives. What does it mean to provide for our families and also support holy friendships in the darkness of this season?

And what does it mean to listen to Jesus speak with a widening definition of compassion and an expanding concern? Are not all who share faith in Jesus connected to us in the same way Jesus is to this disciple whom he loves? What does it mean for us to notice sisters and brothers in Christ living in poverty, most at risk for the impacts of this virus? What can we provide each other?

Watch the third installment of a special 7-part Holy Week video series with CBF Executive Coordinator Paul Baxley titled “Words in the Dark: The Seven Last Words of Christ.”

Learn more and view the entire “Words in the Dark” video series throughout Holy Week 2020 at

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