CBF Field Personnel

Suzie and Kirk

Suzie, a CBF field personnel serving Thailand, smiles with Namtip, a young Thai artist Suzie met online through the “Freedom in Christ.” This online course is one of many Christian online resources Suzie and her husband, Kirk, provide for those in the Bisu community. 

Suzie also meets women who are a part of this community through in-person events, such as their International Church’s Bible study. In this Bible study, Suzie met Nadia whose family fled to Thailand as asylum seekers. Despite finding employment in Thailand, Nadia’s family member, Anjum was brought to the Immigration Detention Center. 

Nadia asked Suzie to help deliver food and medicine each month, speak with Anjum during visiting hours, and provide encouragement through signs. Eventually, Anjum was sent to a smaller town five hours away, forcing Nadia to speak occasionally by phone. 

A few months ago, Nadia and Suzie began hearing about possible bail options so they gathered the necessary funds. One month later, Anjum was home! Anjum was able to be present for his daughter’s birthday and to celebrate with Suzie and Kirk.

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