The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is a fellowship of Baptist Christians and churches who share a passion for the Great Commission of Jesus Christ and a commitment to Baptist principles of faith and practice. Our understanding of Baptist faith and practice is expressed by our emphasis on freedom in biblical interpretation and congregational governance, the participation of women and men in all aspects of church leadership and Christian ministry, and religious liberty for all people.

For more than twenty years, CBF has been driven by its mission to serve Christians and churches as they discover and fulfill their God-given mission. Our vision is to be a national and global community bearing witness to the gospel in partnership with Christians across the nation and around the world.

CBF consists of individuals, approximately 1,800 affiliated churches, regional fellowships and ministry partners seeking to be the presence of Christ. Based in Atlanta, CBF partners with 15 theological schools, 18 autonomous state and regional organizations and more than 150 ministry organizations worldwide, and has an annual budget of $12.4 million.

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  1. Can you explain why the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship hates gay people and believes we should be discriminated against? I was just reading the Frequently Asked Questions on the CBF homepage and I’m honestly perplexed how Galatians 3:28 can be used to justify (heterosexual) women in the ministry while you simultaneously “[do] not allow for the expenditure of funds for organizations or causes that condone, advocate or affirm homosexual practice. Neither does this CBF organizational value allow for the purposeful hiring of a staff person or the sending of a missionary who is a practicing homosexual.” If we are no longer male or female in Christ, what difference does one’s sexual orientation make?

    • Remember, these are ex-Southern Baptist folks disaffected from extreme conservatism. I don’t think hating gays is accurate or fair in describing CBF as a group, they are much more tolerant that the SBC, who actually deserve the term ‘hating gays’. They actually hate a lot of groups or kindly put, intolerant of many folks. Dr. Gushee, a professor of Ethics at Mercer University, a CBF aligned school,will soon publish a book “Changing Our Mind: A Call from America’s Leading Evangelical Ethics Scholar for Full Acceptance of LGBT Christians in the Church”. So, I say, don’t be so judgmental, yet. CBF has come a long way. Even the UMC, decidedly a more mainline denomination has factions who oppose gay rights. Are you going to call the United Methodists ‘gay haters’, too?

      • We don’t need to establish a hierarchy regarding how much they hate us. The simple act of promoting discrimination and segregation against LGBT+ folks is enough. So, yes, United Methodists who promote discrimination are gay haters. Likewise, David Gushee insists on referring to LGBT+ *people* with the dehumanizing label “the LGBT issue,” and has continually placed conditions on our affirmation (such as celibacy outside marriage) in his writings, so I wouldn’t be looking to him as some sort of saving grace regarding the CBF’s homophobia. As for the CBF being “tolerant”–what is tolerant about promoting the idea that LGBT+ people lack “moral integrity” by virtue of existing?

  2. In defense of the SBC, we still love people regardless of who they are. However, we affirm that homosexuality is a sin and that marriage is between a man and a woman. My question is, why is it considered “hate” if one disagrees with same sex marriage, sexual orientation over preference?

  3. I saute you servants of God am pastor in Africa Kenya am enquiring on how you help young pastors and their families How can I benefit

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