2012 General Assembly / General CBF

CBF Silent Auction celebrates a decade of exquisite creations and creators.

This year, the CBF Silent Auction will return to the city where it first debuted its hand-crafted treasures from across the globe. From June 20-23 at the CBF General Assembly in Fort Worth, Texas, attendees will have the opportunity to bid on paintings, ceramics, textiles, photographs and more from local artists and field personnel around … Continue reading

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The Only Thing that Really Matters

Nathan Dean, co-pastor of Edgewood Church in Atlanta, Georgia, reflects on the evangelistic ministry of Jesus and calls the moderate Baptist world — accustomed to the suppression of evangelism — to more than silent philanthropy and intellectual stimulation. The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is a young organization, denominationally speaking, and is an off shoot (or a break off) organization of the … Continue reading

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Discovering Mission

Matt Norman, CBF field personnel member, moves beyond conventional, limiting definitions of mission and reflects on mission as an entire way of being to which God calls us. Matt and his wife Michelle will transition to Greece this summer to serve among Albanian immigrants through PORTA, a spiritual and cultural center for Albanian immigrants in Athens. … Continue reading

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Unconventional Gifts

Doris Nelms with United Hospice of Atlanta reflects on the spiritual gift of hospitality, often overlooked amid the preaching, healing and evangelism that dominates the spiritual gift landscape. “Doris, you have the gift of hospitality. Why aren’t you uncovering those dishes and serving the food?” This came from a Vice President of our organization who was … Continue reading

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I Too Must Be Formed

Bo Prosser, CBF Coordinator for Missional Congregations, recalls Jesus’ spiritual formation through friends, family, mentors and experience — the same manner in which we all must be formed. My colleague Rick Bennett got me thinking with his question, “How was Jesus formed spiritually?” Luke 2:52 states that Jesus experienced spiritual formation, “and Jesus increased in wisdom … Continue reading

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Glimpses of God’s Dream

Rick Bennett, CBF Director for Missional Formation, reflects on his desire to see clearly God’s vision for the world through the lens of Jesus and our calling to make God’s dream a reality. At 25, during a regular eye exam, I learned that I have an ocular condition known as lattice degeneration.  In the back of the … Continue reading

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The Core

As we anticipate Holy Week and Easter, Randy Shepley, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Tucker, Georgia, reflects on Jesus’ resurrection as the core of our faith and the place where we connect with God’s mission in the world. “And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your … Continue reading

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Let’s Sing a New Song

Anita Thompson, Associate Pastor for Music and Worship at First Baptist Church Ahoskie, NC urges congregations to enter into a dynamic world of cross-cultural congregational song. “The world is growing smaller and smaller all the time.”  This is a statement I hear and read a lot these days.  It’s a statement I not only agree with but delight … Continue reading

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Anticipating Lent

Rick Bennett, CBF’s Director of Missional Congregations, reflects on the church’s journey with Christ during the Lenten Season, in which we prepare for Christ’s invitation to an eternal life that occurs here and now. Wednesday, February 22 is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent (or, as our Reformed friends more poetically speak – the Lenten Season).  … Continue reading