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Preparing for Isaac’s Arrival

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s Disaster Response team continues to monitor  Tropical Storm Isaac’s progress. Below is an update from Charles Ray, US Disaster Response Coordinator for CBF. You can help respond by giving online to the CBF General Relief/Disaster Response account or staying connected through the CBF’s disaster response online community. CBF Disaster Response is closely tracking … Continue reading

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Someone for Kanazawa

Dale, Dana, and Nathan Huckabay were a typical family, living a typical life in Henrietta, Oklahoma. Dale served as a bi-vocational pastor, splitting his time between his local church and the Oklahoma Department of Human Resources. Dana worked as a consultant for Weight Watchers International. Nathan was finishing his senior year in high school. All in all, … Continue reading

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Responding in Missouri

Once again, the United States has been bombarded by severe thunderstorms. The storms that ravaged Joplin, Missouri, this past Sunday, spawned devastating tornadoes that literally wiped out 75 % of the town. As morning broke, hundreds were missing, localized flash flooding had begun, and roadways were littered with downed trees, crushed cars and toppled buildings. Below is an excerpt … Continue reading

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Prayers from across the pond…

Last week when the deadly storms ripped through the Southeast, Harry Rowland was on assignment in the United Kingdom. Helpless and thousands of miles from home,he was comforted by the thoughtful prayers and kind words of his British brothers and sisters.  Below are a few words of reflection from Harry-    “We are praying for those affected by the whirly-wind storm…” This is the … Continue reading

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“We are a devastated state…”

That was the simple yet powerful phrase that lingered with me after a recent Disaster Response conference call. The storms that scourged several Southern states this past week left brokenness in its wake. Both people and possessions alike were trampled by the violent elements. Although the winds have subsided, the devastation is still so overwhelming that it is difficult to even … Continue reading

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Japan Response Update

Our partners at the Japan Baptist Convention have been faithful in communicating the status of their ongoing response efforts. Below is a letter from Executive Secretary Makoto Kato. Funds continue to be the most tangible way that local churches can contribute to these efforts. (This letter outlines how these vital funds are being utilized.) As we receive updates, … Continue reading