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Book Review: Ecumenism Means You, Too by Steven Harmon

The Body of Christ is divided. From the East/West schism of 1054 to the modern period of rampant denominationalism (I remember reading somewhere that there are 32 “varieties” of Baptists alone!) the Christian Church exists in a myriad of often closed, competing, and conflicting denominations. Steve Harmon’s new book, Ecumenism Means You, Too is a … Continue reading

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Book Review: Apprenticeship with Jesus by Gary Moon

Apprenticeship with Jesus, by Gary W. Moon is a 30-Day journey of personal story, reflection, scripture, and devotional activity aimed at cultivating a renewed sense of discipleship and relationship with Jesus. Moon explains his impetus for this book as the realization that those who self-identify as “Christian” seem to exhibit little difference in their daily … Continue reading

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Book Review: Tending to Eden, by Scott Sabin

In Tending to Eden: Environmental Stewardship for God’s People, Scott Sabin outlines the story of Plant with Purpose (PWP), a Christian non-profit agency seeking to resolve issues of poverty and environmental degradation, while emphasizing the important of environmental stewardship for Christians. As director of PWP, Sabin describes his discovery of the close connection between the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Earth Gospel by Sam Hamilton-Poore

Earth Gospel is a four week guide to Christian prayer and meditation for God’s creation. Compiled and written by Sam Hamilton-Poore, Professor of Christian Spirituality at San Francisco Theological Seminary, this resource offers scripture readings, reflections, and prayers for morning, midday, and evening meditation times, all focusing on aspects of the environment, stewardship, praise, and … Continue reading