More Than A Cow: CBF field personnel help Macedonians ‘realize the change in themselves’ through cow farming
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More Than A Cow: CBF field personnel help Macedonians ‘realize the change in themselves’ through cow farming

By Greg Warner  A cow is a cow is a cow…unless it’s more than a cow. At Aya Farm in rural Macedonia, a cow is never just a cow. Sometimes a cow is a life-changing opportunity. Or a way out of poverty. Sometimes it’s a community’s future. Or a celebration of God’s creation and our role in sustaining … Continue reading

Kutana Kenya 2018
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Kutana Kenya 2018

CBF’s creation stewardship immersion experience in Kenya will be taking place again this summer! Young Baptists are invited to participate in this 17-day mission immersion experience in a cross-cultural setting in one of the most ecologically diverse environments on earth. From May 20 to June 7, participants will encounter and engage people, places and Global … Continue reading

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Faith and Freedom

“I will help with the event, but I won’t go on the tour. I can’t handle that,” the woman told me after we had finished a short presentation about human trafficking in Houston. We are preparing with South Main Baptist Church in Houston, Texas to host an awareness event regarding trafficking. A key portion of … Continue reading

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Student.Go-er reflects on ministering with Karen internationals in Oakland, Calif.

 This post is by Chelsie “Buffy” Buffington, Student.Go summer missionary working with Karen internationals in Oakland, CA Summer 2013 “And I could hold on, I could hold on to who I am and never let You change me from the inside.  And I could be safe, I could be safe here in Your arms and … Continue reading

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Student.Go – Words from the World 2013 – Ashleigh Bugg

This summer, college and graduate students served in 18 locations around the world through CBF’s Student.Go program.  This fall, Student.Go-ers will be at work in 8 locations. This is the first in a series of blogs from these students.  Ashleigh Bugg served this summer with refugee families in Fort Worth, Texas.  She worked alongside CBF field personnel … Continue reading