Kaitlyn Schiess, The Liturgy of Politics
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Kaitlyn Schiess, The Liturgy of Politics

There is a fascinating socio-political-religious study to examine among Evangelicals before, during, and after Donald Trump’s presidency. Before the 45th Commander-in-chief, Evangelicals overwhelming indicated that the faith and character of political candidates mattered more than their policy stances.  The poll, conducted by PRRI, found in just five years, white evangelicals have become much more likely … Continue reading


Politics and CBF….some discussion prompters

Well today it’s New Hampshire’s turn to influence the political process. I’ve been watching the press coverage of this unusually long election season (I just got tired of trying to avoid it) and have noticed the usual things—the careful positioning and nuanced distinction on the issues, the unsubtle repetition of the candidates credentials, and carefully … Continue reading