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Membership = Commitment ?

I recently read an interesting book, Urban Christianity and Global Order by Andrew Davey. Davey points out that one of the implications of urbanism is the response of “believing without belonging” (p.91). People are willing to participate in social networks (such as the Church) but are unwilling to “put their name down” for membership. He … Continue reading


The McDonaldization of the Church?!?–You want fries with that?

A reflection on: Drane, John, 2001. The McDonaldization of the Church: Consumer Culture and the Church’s Future. Macon, GA: Smyth and Helwys Publishing. John Drane is the former Head of Practical Theology in the Department of Divinity at the University of Aberdeen. He currently holds teaching positions at Fuller Seminary’s School of Theology in Pasadena, … Continue reading