Historic Church Re-Occupies Sanctuary

The Memorial Baptist Church, Greenville, North Carolina, held a dedication service of its restored sanctuary one year to the day from an arsonists fire. Though the post-fire restoration of the entire facilities will exceed $3,000,000, the completely refurbished physical plant has never been as facility enabled in its 180 year history as now. In addition to filling the sanctuary, including additional aisle and vestibule seating, over 80 of the 750 persons attending viewed via a feed to the music suite.

Just as significant was a evening service combining the congregations and choirs of Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church, a predominantly black church, with TMBC. Reverend Sidney Locks, Jr, of Cornerstone delivered the sermon. Cornerstone folk were the first community people to touch us in love as we worshiped outside on Sunday morning, January 14, 2007, after the Saturday night fire.

Online pictures of the days’ activities are posted at:


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