Chaplaincy & Pastoral Counseling: An Introduction

About 10 years ago, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship began endorsing Chaplains and Pastoral Counselors.  This year, the number of endorsed professional Chaplains and Pastoral Counselors topped 600.  Chaplaincy and Pastoral Counseling are specialized ministries in which specially trained men and women offer the love and care of God to those in hospitals, prisons, corporations, the military, in counseling centers and private practices.  Endorsement is an affirmation of an ongoing relationship of mutual accountability between the faith group and the endorsee.  George Pickle, the current CBF staff person overseeing the endorsement process, understands endorsement as a relationship with those that CBF endorses.  George is not capable of keeping up with all 600 endorsees, but he makes every effort to maintain regular contact with as many endorsees as he can.  He seems to constantly seek to make sure that our endorsees have the support and encouragement of their faith group and from others in the field as they go about their various ministries.

 I feel blessed to have been among that very first group of ministers endorsed by CBF and have been blessed by my ongoing relationship with George Pickle.  I am currently serving as the Chair of the CBF’s Council on Endorsement.  As I serve in this capacity, I have agreed to post to this blog as often as I can on issue related to endorsement, Chaplaincy, Pastoral Counseling, and general topics of interest in Pastoral Care.  I invite your questions and comments so that I can bring you information that is beneficial and meaningful.


One thought on “Chaplaincy & Pastoral Counseling: An Introduction

  1. Dear Chris,
    I’m presently a chaplain at a local hospital in Baltimore seeking ecclesiatical endorsement. If I seek endorsement through a CBF church can you tell me about the process/length of time I can expect.
    Thank you,

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