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Prayer Guide for the MDGs Student.go team

Prayer Guide for the Millennium Development Goals

Special Project Team of Student.Go  

The Goals:

  • Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger
  • Achieve Universal Primary Education
  • Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women
  • Reduce Child Mortality
  • Improve Maternal Health
  • Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and Other Diseases
  • Ensure Environmental Sustainability
  • Global Partnership for Development



June 21-25: Washington D.C

Our team begins our journey in Washington D.C. where we will be touring and orienting ourselves to several locations including headquarters for the ONE campaign, Bread for the World and Baptist World Aid.

Pray for our sessions in these places to be informative and for the beginning of our team dynamic to take form. Pray especially today for those who contributed to our trip, who allowed this journey to be possible. Pray for the on-going work of the ONE campaign and Bread for the World. 

June 25 – July 2: Romania

Throughout these days we will be in route to Bucharest, Romania and will arrive to visit the Ruth School, which is a school that provides education and other services to marginalized Roma/Romany (gypsy) children of Bucharest.

Pray for our safe travel to Romania. Pray for the children we will be meeting in the school and for our message to transcend language barriers. Pray for the goal of achieving universal primary education. On this day, say a special prayer for our parents and families who fostered our very own education and allowed us to be in this place affecting the lives of these children. 

July 2 – July 14: Ethiopia

During this time our team will be in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We will spend our longest amount of time in this place working in a variety of ways. We will visit and observe much work that is being done with HIV/AIDS and visit a fistula clinic. We will also be digging a well.

Pray for our safety and group dynamic in Africa. Our travel has been long and we may soon be weary. Pray for our strength in seeing the hard truth of the condition of the people in Ethiopia. Pray for the women who live with a condition that they cannot control. Pray for the children who were affected by a disease that they do not deserve. Pray for the goal of fighting HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases in this place and around the world. Pray for the goal of improving maternal health conditions.

July 14 – July 21: Uganda

We will spend these days in Uganda where we will be working with children who are victims of civil war and with a refugee camp for internally displaced persons.

Pray for the children that know more violence than they should. Allow us to become a place where their spirits can find refuge. Pray for homes for the refugees who have none.

Pray for the health of the MDG team and its leaders. Ask God to protect us from mosquitoes and the heat.

July 21 – July 26: New York City

We will travel back to New York City for a little bit of rest and tours of the UNICEF headquarters and the United Nations. Here we will meet to discuss ideas of how to advocate for the projects that we have seen.

Pray for our rest; allow God to rejuvenate our souls to continue on our journey. Pray for our reactions to what we have seen, and ask for the ideas to be flowing so that we may take what we learned back to our homes.

 July 26 – August 2: Nicaragua

We will be in Nicaragua during these days working with Witness for Peace.

Pray for our presence as peacmakers. Pray for the poverty in this place and the goal of eradicating extreme hunger and poverty. 

August 2 – August 8: Mexico City

We will be in Mexico City attending the International AIDS Conference, please look for information at

Pray for the world leaders who will be attending this conference, pray for their worries and thoughts on this deadly disease to be heard and allow it to give them a freedom to know that they are voicing and advocating in the only way they know how. Pray for our ears to be opened about the injustice that AIDS has caused in our world.

August 8 – 10: Birmingham, Alabama

We finish our trip in Birmingham, Alabama where we will debrief and prepare to enter “normal” life.

Pray for our entry back to our lives that we left behind. Pray for voices to advocate with genuine words of compassion for all that we have seen. Pray for those who will hear all of our stories, allow us to understand that we are not guilty, but that we are doing all that we can with the opportunities that we have been given.

August 10- year long

It is our responsibility to advocate on our campuses for all that we have observed and learned. Pray for our separate ministries that will be started.






2 thoughts on “Prayer Guide for the MDGs Student.go team

  1. Hey its really nce to hear from you about the student MDG project team . I will put about this in my community ..Endpoverty2015 campaign

  2. Mary Beth,
    I am praying for you and all that you and the team will learn. You will gain so much through this experience, but you will also leave a huge impact behind with those you come in contact with.

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