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July 6 & 7 – MDG 7 Environmental Sustainability – by Jacob S.

MDG #7: Environmental Sustainability


Taking care of the environment is necessary for taking care of God’s people.


In Ethiopia, we have seen how communities are coming together to build wells that provide a clean water source.  Our guides on this portion of the journey are David and Mary Harding.  They have shown us the system used to drill wells.  It’s a simple tripod and pulley system that drops a drill bit, slowly pumping out the earth, so that a pump can be installed. 


They also explained why they use a business model for this project, explaining that it allows more freedom.  They hire local Ethiopians; this not only provides them with a job, but recognizes they are vital for true change in the community.


They introduced us to our new friend, Yared.  He has shown us how the sites are selected, paying attention to need and the suitability of the earth.  Yared also introduced us to a lady who walks one hour to get her water and then another hour to bring it back.  She does this as many as three times a day.  Furthermore, the water source she is using is not a clean water source.  We will be finishing a well close to where she is located.


Today, we were given the opportunity to help drill a well.  This is the first step to installing a well.  We were not needed (the local help is much more efficient and capable than we are), but it was good to experience the hands-on work that goes into building the well.


When we arrived, the drilling spot was surrounded by people who would benefit.  I thought about how Jesus was surrounded by crowds, especially when he was using miracles to change people’s lives.  I also thought about how Jesus called himself the Living Water.  In this community, clean, pure water is representing the presence of Christ, the Living Water that can change lives.


We were commissioned to explore how the MDGs are being accomplished throughout the world.  The well drilling in Ethiopia best falls under Goal 7, but all the goals are affected.  When there is clear water, there is less disease, like Malaria and AIDS.  When there is less disease, more children are able to attend school.  Maternal health and poverty are also being addressed.  This project has shown us how working to accomplish the MDGs is changing lives.



Thank you to the Hardings and all of our new friends for making Ethiopia such a wonderful experience.


Thank you to the International Evangelical Church for their service on Sunday.  It was very cool to see a church that is truly reaching all people groups.


Also, I want to say hi to my family and friends.  Thank you for your continued prayers and support.  Dad, you would love the bird watching; I have seen all kinds of birds!


-Jacob Smith


2 thoughts on “July 6 & 7 – MDG 7 Environmental Sustainability – by Jacob S.

  1. Wow! It must be amazing to see how we take so much for granted in the states. It is good to hear from you and sense the excitement in your blog. I continue to pray for you and look forward to hearing all that God has done in your life. Yea, I am sure Jim is jealous over the birds!!!


  2. Jacob,
    I’m looking forward to seeing you and the group again in New York! Having been with you in Romania, and reading about your experiences since, I’m eager to hear more about how you are feeling and what you are thinking. Thank you for sharing with those of at home who are remembering you daily in prayer.
    Jennifer Fuller

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