The end of a special summer…

Team Tag has made it back home, safe and sound in the United States. It has been an incredible summer experience.

Katie Beth at camp

Katie Beth at camp

After our last post, Team Tag did one last camp with the four of us, the Stocks and our fantastic translator Edit. To me, it was the best camp thus far. Everything went well and we were blessed enough to be joined by Katy Beth Adkins, an mk whose parents serve in Pecs Hungary. She has a gift and love for children that shown through every aspect of our ministry.

Hungarian dinner

Hungarian dinner

 We did 5 days of camp, as well as joined the church body for two services. The Roma people are so greedy for more knowledge about Christ. They open their arms to us and made us feel so welcome. The pastor and his wife fed us everyday and if you could taste Hungarian cooking, you would know how much of a yummy blessing that was. It is always amazes ne how people who have so little can be the ones who give the most freely.

After the week of camp, we returned to Budapest for some rest. Our last week there was shared with a Latino ministry team from Virgina. We did two camps a day, which made for a long week but a week that was the perfect ending to Team Tag’s summer. The Latino team came in with open arms and loving hearts. Watching the way they responded to the Roma children reminded me of my first weeks in Hungary and slovakia. It is so overwhelming to not understand the language and you becomes so attentive to learning words and undertstanding the culture. But in a few days you realize that language isn’t an issue and the only thing that really matters is loving your brothers and sisters in Christ. The children probably never really understood a word I said but I knew they loved me through their hugs and kisses and I think they knew I loved them too.

It would be hard to ask for a better summer. It was long and we worked hard, but I think every member of Team Tag would agree that we would do it again. And while I was so glad to come back home and see my family ( whom I missed so much) and my friends, there will also be a special place in my heart for the Roma people. I took so much more home with me than I could have possibly given and for that I’ll always be thankful.

Love in Christ,


2 thoughts on “The end of a special summer…

  1. Thanks to all 4 of you for your wonderful ministry this summer – we are grateful for you. The experiences you have had will change you forever – and those kids will remember the love of Christ they saw in you forever as well ~ even if they didn’t understand anything you said! The words were not the most imporatnat thing.

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