Taking Inventory

Do you know how much “stuff” your church has? Do you know exactly what “stuff” is available for use? Many churches and ministries have hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of equipment that is depended on every week. Taking a simple inventory of your equipment takes a relatively short amount of time, but could be immensely valuable in the event of loss.

There are a variety of ways to do this, but the software available at http://www.knowyourstuff.org/ makes it easy to do. Taking inventory of your  equipment will take a reasonable amount of time, depending on how much equipment you have. Of course, this is just great information have have on hand. But in the event of natural disaster, break-in, fire or other loss, this information will be invaluable as you file reports with insurance companies and police.

If you have more than a few computers, printers and software on your network and want to take inventory of everything all at once, the Spiceworks system will be the quickest way to grab all the information at once. Simply install the software on a networked computer and follow the built-in instructions to run a scan of the network. You’ll get a report with as much information as you need. This is also helpful in identifying which software licenses have expired or need upgrading.

Spiceworks has far more features than just scanning for inventory purposes. There are reporting tools, notices about problem areas of the network and monitoring features that make this a power-packed tool that can be easily used by novice or professional.

Are there other methods that you have found helpful in taking inventory of not only your technology, but media such as books, DVDs, CDs, etc? How do you keep track of all the other equipment that’s being used by your church or ministry?

One thought on “Taking Inventory

  1. RedLightDepositBox.Com. The sites design is a collaboration of law enforcement agencies, specialty stores like pawn shops, second hand stores, etc, and citizens that would like a safe way to protect their valuables. Any one may use the site and works with a lot of different business types.

    Citizens that go to the website and sign up have many options in keeping inventory safe. They start by inputting their belongings serial, make, and model numbers into our system so that from that point on it is now searchable by stores and law enforcement agencies. If an item does not have a serial you may also create a tag number that our system creates you can have put on that item so it can be searchable. If an item a user owns becomes stolen or damaged they may create a police report or an insurance claim report directly from the site. In having items inventoried this way allows users to flag their items stolen or lost and if someone tries to sell or pawn it to a store using our system that store owner will immediately see the status of the item is stolen and my contact the police instead of paying money for the item only to find out that it was stolen later.

    The site has many other features such as web tools that allow auction sites to display a protected by logo so that potential buyers know it is a legitimate item. For a full list of features and to read more about it visit us at http://www.redlightdepositbox.com.

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