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A word for progress

A CBF staff member shared these thoughts about the election with co-workers today:

On election night before the votes were counted, I sent the email below to my friend, who was pulling for a different candidate than I was.

You and I will be in different moods tomorrow – who knows which way. May the one of us in the best mood tomorrow be generous toward others in our immediate joy and then channel that energy into helping hold our chosen leader accountable to live out the very best of themselves, and may the one of us in the worst mood tomorrow be consoled by the majesty of Democracy and quickly find ways to lose our grief in efforts to make our communities better places.   I’m off in a moment to attend an election returns party of my own.  I will share this same sentiment with my friends when we gather together.  If you get this in time and decide to share it with your friends, it will become a bipartisan initiative — and those tend to work best.”

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