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President Obama:Lessons to be Learned

As of noon on Tuesday we have officially entered the “Obama Era.” Over the past year we have watched Barack Obama sweep the nation with his message of hope and change. However, one cannot consider Obama’s campaign without noticing the way that he captured the hearts and minds of the younger generation of Americans. Watching him every step of the way, most of us have found it exciting to put our trust and support in a candidate that we truly believe in. I think we have a lot to learn from the way that Obama reached out to the young people of this country. Here are just a few of the lessons we can take away: 

            • An openness and willingness to discuss change

            • A desire to address poverty both at home and on a global scale

            • The desire for racial diversity and racial equality

            • The ability to communicate with individuals through technology

            • The need for peace

            • Unwavering hope for a better future

These are some of the most important values for young people today, including young Baptists. I hope and pray that CBF will continue the work that it has already begun in each of these areas as we continue the difficult task of being a Fellowship people who seek to be the presence of Christ amidst a chaotic, clouded, and crowded world. 

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