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True Survivor

My two colleagues and I had started doing Sunday School training for the Fellowship and we were brainstorming about “what’s next?”  One of us said, “Wouldn’t if be great if we could do an event for Christian Educators?  We could fashion it after ‘Survivor’ that new television show!”  And so an idea was born.

Christian Educators are true survivors.  They are those staff who work with age groups, ministry programs, teaching and reaching and training.  They are the ones who lead in Vacation Bible School, stay up all night in Youth Lock-Ins, and staff the “nursery”!  Educators touch every age group in the congregation, sometimes working with small groups, sometimes staffing special events, sometimes preaching, teaching and even singing.

Our gathering in Orlando will celebrate who we are as Christian Educators, will challenge all of us to think creatively, and will move us beyond our areas of specialty to examine our role in the whole of congregational ministry.  Brian McLaren will surely have us on the edge of our seats.  Current, the young Baptists network, will not let us get away with business as usual.  Our colleagues will share ideas for ministry beyond the ordinary.

Unlike the television show, no one will be voted off the “island”!  Join us!

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