Even with tech glitches, It is worth it!

Every time I sit down and get ready to host a webinar, I wonder, “Is this really me?”  Not only do I still feel ill equipped, but there is always some technology glitch that challenges me. I’m the first to admit that learning to do this takes time, effort, and commitment. I think it is well worth it. This is why…

 Human Trafficking is something that is on just about everyone’s radar these days it seems. Bravo!  And I’m grateful to my colleagues who kept it in front of me until I began to say, “OK Lord, how do want me to become involved in alleviating this dreadful crime?”  Well for those of you who know me, you know that I do not have room on my plate for one more involvement. In the past I tended to be rather hands on in my ministry.  Even if it was teaching. I was invited. I presented. I prayed for God to lead the listeners.  But through technology, we were able to connect CBF Field Personnel, personnel with Oasis USA and ten others representing that many churches online to learn about human trafficking. As a result of twitter, I learned that my very own area of Charlotte, NC had been one of the cities where a cross country child trafficking ring was busted last week. Because of Facebook I am aware of and able to publicize upcoming seminars on trafficking. When I reflect on how many miles we used to have travel to get word out about various endeavors to just a few!  Now the word goes out at miniscule cost and relatively small time investment. That is a great benefit to all of us. By the way, Joanna Coles from Oasis USA will be leading another awareness webinar on human trafficking on April 28th at 1:30 p.m. EST. Interested?  Drop me a line.  nell@cbfinternationals.org


I might think of hosting of Muslim International Student since I have worked in many Muslim countries. But is it something that the average Christian in America would think of doing?  Probably not.  Today we hosted a webinar on just that subject. AYUSA explained the joys and the challenges. Perhaps what was most moving for me was to hear a pastor tell of how he had helped one family hosting a student by driving that student 20 minutes one way to and from school each day. He explained how he was different for having had the time with this young man from Pakistan. He told of how his church had purchased a suit for graduation for the student and how they look forward to seeing him again someday.


There have been technological challenges especially for folks like me. But it has been worth it.

2 thoughts on “Even with tech glitches, It is worth it!

  1. Nell, I’m glad you have taken the dive into this new technology and enabled yourself to be “shared” with a broader audience. This is good stewardship of your time and talents. I’m looking forward to joining in on some of the on-line events being done…now that I’ve got internet service at home. Jim

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