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ESL Ministry to Afghans in California

The following post is from Fran Stevenson, CBF affliate serving in the San Francisco Bay area. Churches this month will be learning about ministry  with Afghans through CBF’s missions education resources and through the CBF Offering for Global Missions. Check back for more updates and stories.

Lita Sample & I are having a rich experience teaching English as a Second Language at the Afghan Coalition. Last week we had a Mary Kay Consultant come and give facials.  The ladies loved it. Lita has been teaching the ladies English and incorporating current events into the class. We celebrate American holidays. Lita showed the ladies how to make cornucopia’s really beautiful. We even cooked a turkey for Thanksgiving and bought it to class! Lita taught a class on election the week before Obama was elected so the ladies had a better grasp of the political process. We have also introduced scrapbooking. We are trying to teach classes from a “fun” basis. Our ladies are relational and enjoy learning & experiencing new things. For many of the ladies (we average between 8-12 weekly), the class is their only outlet. It gives me great joy as I look around at their faces when they are laughing and sharing as they make their scrapbooks or are struggling with learning the differences between verbs and nouns…

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