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Changing My Vocabulary!

The world has become too much confusing. In the good old days, “vetted” meant the dog had been to the Vetenarian. When something was “re-purposed”; mama and “nem” had given me and my bride a hand me down piece of furniture. The “internet” is what my mom wore around her hair-do in case the outter net came off during the night. And a “bluetooth” is what you got from eating too many “blackberries”!

Church language has gotten confusing too! All this “missional” and “emergent” talk; what’s a “Millenial” anyway? We used to talk about doing the right things for the right reasons and being relevant to our communities. We used to talk about having a place for everyone and a place of service for everyone. We used to talk about ministries more than market “niche” and people more than “target audience” or “consumer group”!

The world keeps changing; so must the church. More words will be invented to confound our automated spellcheckers and technology will continue to bring new and exciting opportunties to us. The church has to respond to our culture or be passed by. The Pollsters are already telling us this. There is a deep hunger for things spiritual in our world; the church is the best provider to meet this hunger. If only we will…but change will be required.

A recent “US News & World Report” article (Dec 4, 2008) about careers outlines a group of careers that are just now forming! I’m thinking about becoming a “data miner” or a “simulation developer” or maybe a “green collar specialist”! But I’d really like to become a “flavorist” or a “neologist”! If only I can find my I-phone and bluetooth. I think they are next to my Kindle!

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