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Uganda: History and Culture

Part of global missions is learning about the culture and history of the people in whose country you are living or visiting. This morning, we had the opportunity to visit the Kasubi tombs, the tombs of the four most recent past kings of Buganda. Buganda is the region of Uganda where Kampala is found. Our tour guide explained the succession of the kings and the historical events that took place during their respective reigns. The tombs are in the largest tatched hut in the world, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We then visited the Catholic Church and learned that tomorrow is Martyrs Day, a national holiday. This holiday celebrates the Christians who were killed during the reign of Mwanga.

The Anglican Church was our last stop of the morning. It is the third church built on the site; the first two were grass hut churches that were destroyed by fire and lightning.

Thank you for your prayers! We are continuing to experience this beautiful country and all it entails – people, history, and culture.

Anna Knippel

2 thoughts on “Uganda: History and Culture

  1. Keep on keeping on, friends. We’re thinking about you all. We know you’re doing marvelous things. Eph 3:20-21.

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