Why We Do What We Do

Well now I have been in Perry County for almost 2 weeks. On Sunday we had three mission groups come in so therefore we spent Sunday preparing for our first real day at work. Once the groups arrived we helped them move in which meant other people were living on my floor. YEAH!!!!! 

On Monday in the morning I helped Monte Vista (one of the mission groups) with their VBS at a local church. I enjoyed watching a group who has been so faithful to Perry County for 9 years come in and really know what they were doing. They definitely set the bar. One thing that stood out to me the most was in VBS they would have children from the ages of 2 all the way up to 18. It took me a while to try and understand why 18 year olds would want to go to VBS. Throughout the week I discovered they truly loved VBS and the continual relationship they have built with Monte Vista since they have done this VBS for 5 years here and they have had the opportunity to watch these kids grow up. In Perry County there is not many opportunity or things for children to do anything so VBS is one of those ways. The first day there was 24 and by day four there were 70 kids. 

Another concept I wondered about was why Perry County has so many churches. There are over 100 churches in Perry County. That is about 100 people to a church. But this is not true some churches only have about 10 members. So if most people here are “Christians” then why are we coming into to do VBS and help outreach to the children. As previously said we are giving the children something to do while also giving them hope because the churches here can’t do much to help their own people. For instance most of the churches only meet every other Sunday and their pastor has many other jobs. 

Also throughout the week in the afternoon I would help in Uniontown with a literacy camp. The children enjoyed coming. I talked to one mother who brought her 4 year old daughter because she wants here to get as much education as possible before she starts school in the fall. The mother was frustrated on the first day because only 6 children showed up and she just did not understand why people would not come to this great event especially because it was free and the children were just at home doing nothing. By the end of the week we had 20 children. 

Throughout the week I built some strong friendships with Monte Vista a church from Tennessee. All the people from the church were very wonderful and helpful throughout the week. I had some awesome conversations about all sorts of topics with most of the leaders (fossils) and youth. I met one friend in particularly named Lindsey who is very much like me. Our relationship helped keep me occupied in the week so I would not go back to my room and hangout on the internet. She helped to show me the ropes around Perry County and while spending time with Lindsey, her friend Ellery and their friends I really started to become connected to Perry County while seeing the bigger picture. 

This morning I had the opportunity to walk downtown Marion though there was a heat advisory. I had a wonderful conversation with a worker at this really chick Boutique. I loved talking to her and listening to how much she loves Marion sooo much. This week I have began thinking how can people like living in Perry County there is nothing here but she told me the friendly atmosphere and the people is why she loves it here. I would agree with this the people here are wonderful and very friendly. 

 The last day of VBS it was so sad for me to watch Monte Vista say good bye to all their children who they will not see to next year. I was even sad because I would not to see these children again but then I realized I will see them around this summer in Perry County for another 6 weeks.

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