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A Call to Spiritual Formation

It was my pleasure recently to attend the Renovare International Conference in beautiful San Antonio, Texas. Hosted partly at First Baptist Church of San Antonio and including Fellowship Baptists as workshop presenters and speakers, I was proud to be a Fellowship Baptist in the midst of so many fellow pilgrims. Consistent with their reputation, Renovare provided a quality experience of spiritual formation. It’s not too late to enjoy the fruit of the conference; most of the sessions were recorded and are available for purchase from the Renovare website.

Perhaps the best thing to grow out of the International Conference was A Call to Spiritual Formation, a document offering a theological definition of spiritual formation. The document was crafted and reviewed by many folks well acquainted with the art of spiritual formation and all that God is doing through that conversation. With several of my colleagues, I have placed my signature on this document in hopes that others will recognize its importance and the opportunity that such a document and conversation provide. I invite you to review and sign the document as well; then, plan to use the document to have a conversation about spiritual formation with your congregation and its leaders. Tell them why you signed the document. You can review the document at

Let me know what you think; more importantly, let me know how CBF might resource your congregation’s journey toward missional faithfulness.

2 thoughts on “A Call to Spiritual Formation

  1. Rick,
    Thanks for this report and the link to the Call. I saw where another five day is developing. It looks very promising. I have lots of lots of plates and you are in my prayers as you continue to help us define ourselves as baptists. Peace in it all.

  2. Rick,
    I goofed, but it was also correct. “I” do have lots of plates, but I meant to say “You have lots on lots of plates” and you are in my prayers.
    Grace for my goof and peace again for your work.

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