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Why is everyone still ‘a twitter’ about twitter?

My daughter has not been at her new job but a couple of months. Her work had already made an impression. One day the President of the company showed up to get to know her and take her to lunch. She casually asked if she had any ideas for the company. My daughter mentioned that she thought the company should be using twitter. A couple of hours later the director of marketing called and asked her to tell her more. She told the director about our cluster twitter account (@cbfintlscluster) and how we are using it. A bit hesitant, the director felt that she and others were likely too old to catch on to some of this. Sis told her, “Oh no you’re not! My mom is much older than you are and she is the one doing this!” The director asked her to put some thoughts together about how twitter can be used. Editing the earlier blog I wrote, “Why is everyone all ‘a twitter’ about twitter?” she presented the advantages of twitter. This led to her writing a proposal for the company on the use of twitter. I helped her with some of the research and was amazed at all that is out there about how to use twitter professionally. The directors went nuts over it.

Why is everyone all ‘a twitter’ about twitter? Like everything else, twitter is simply a tool; one of many is this day of social networking. But when twitter gives way to something else in the coming years, the contacts and relationships built will continue. If we have used twitter only as though we are the preachers and everyone else is our congregation, then this might not be the case. With Facebook fan pages, people keep up with and follow us. The favor is not necessarily returned.  People want to know that they are being heard. Twitter is a place to “hear” others and respond in a quick effective manner. With hearing comes learning; learning about culture, trends, issues, and dare I say, people. This kind of learning spurs our creativity, a needed component in the ministry of the church. The sharing of information, help, and connecting across all sorts of barriers, including religious and ethnic will only increase our ability to work together and our appreciation of one another. The openness and authenticity will draw others to be involved with us. Monumental tasks such as sharing Christ with a world in need, somehow shrinks when you connect with others and realize they are quite literally joining you in the endeavor…even if you don’t “know” them.

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