General CBF

They can’t catch us, we’re on a mission from God.

The title of this entry is a quote from the famous “Blues Brothers” movie staring Dan Ackroyd and John Baluchi.  It was an iconic piece of cinema history for many around the world.  The anti-heroes of the film were unlikely people for cinema, lacking in typical physical attributes, but their story was a humorous narrative to great blues music…which made the film a legend.   Lately, I’ve felt like Jake and Elwood as I’ve driven to churches in four states to promote the Offering for Global Missions.  I keep hoping I’ll make it to the next destination and back without incident and be able to communicate the need for mission support despite the ever-present bad economical news.  I’m sure I sound as bizarre to the people in the pews as the Blues Brothers as I tell about the need to continue sacrificial giving so that people they don’t know can serve in places far away from where the listeners live and work.  The crazy thing is that they almost always identify with me and increase their giving for global missions.  I simply help awaken a slumbering—yet deeply held conviction—that giving back from the abundance which God has given them is the right thing to do.  Some just need a reminder in the midst of all the dust that is being kicked up during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  I’m thinking of wearing only black and sunglasses from now on.  To borrow another quote from the Blues Brothers, “Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration don’t fail us now.”

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