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Tips for pastor search committees

Is your church looking for a pastor? Here are some things a prospective pastor might want to know about your church as he or she seriously considers a possible call:

  • Is the congregation “healthy?” No one wants to come into a church and have to “pick up” after a previous conflict or to have to deal with unresolved issues. And, should you think that prospective candidates won’t know about your church’s unsavory history, think again. Churches develop reputations, just as pastors do. Any discerning candidate will be checking around to get a read on the health of the church. What can you if there are such issues? Think about an intentional interim period where a trained minister comes in and works with your congregation to help restore it to health. Knowing that a church has been through an intentional interim sends a strong signal to prospective candidates that the church has cleaned up its house in anticipation of the next phase of its ministry.
  •  How is the church’s financial health? Are the members of the congregation on board with the church’s mission and ministries and are they showing that by their financial support? And are they supporting the mission and ministries by their attendance and participation?
  •  What does the church’s web site communicate about the church? This is very likely the first place a candidate will turn for information about a church. A lackluster web site that is not updated on a regular basis indicates a lack of care and concern. If need be, hire a professional to design or redesign a site that speaks well for your church. 
  • And finally, are you guilty of the “when we get a pastor” syndrome? Pastors come and go. The church is the congregation. Waiting to address needs and issues until a new pastor comes is a serious mistake. Rise up and be church – even, and maybe especially, while you are without a senior pastor.

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