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Our Response in Haiti

Sunday is just around the corner and many of you will be leading your congregations to pray for the desperate situation in Haiti. Like you, my heart breaks with every television image and newspaper article that shows just one small corner of the crisis. Thank you for taking some time in the context of worship to remember our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

As you lead in worship, be sure to also pray for the leadership team that we are assembling on the ground in Haiti to lead our response and here in the US to coordinate that response. It is a good team–but this group of people will need to be constantly on our hearts and minds. You already know about Steve and Nancy James, jointly appointed by the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and International Ministries of American Baptist Churches. The James are veteran medical personnel with many decades of service, including several years in Haiti. Pray for strength and wisdom for them as they make decisions about setting up a clinic and establishing a staging area for supplies. Pray also for Scott Hunter. Scott will be arriving in Haiti on Tuesday to assist with coordination. Scott is a veteran of the tsunami relief in Asia and did remarkable work, particularly in Sri Lanka. Please pray for Scott as he prepares for his trip. He will be on an initial three month assignment to handle on-the-ground logistics.

Pray also for our disaster response coordinators, particularly Charles Ray, our national disaster response coordinator, and Reid Doster, associate coordinator. These two will be coordinating much of the volunteer labor and movement of supplies to Haiti. They will be assisted by our Missional Church Team under the direction of Harry Rowland.

In the midst of this crisis, I am grateful for partners who work alongside CBF as we respond. I’m grateful for churches who make a difference with prayers and giving and resources of people and goods. I’m grateful for partners like International Ministries at ABC, USA and Conscience International and the Virginia Baptist Mission Board and many others who are willing to coordinate with us even as we coordinate with them. This makes all of our work much more effective.

Of course, you will hear more from us as the picture on the ground in Haiti becomes more clear.

One thought on “Our Response in Haiti

  1. Those of us from FBC Corpus Christi, who spent 2 weeks working alongside Scott Hunter at the Baptist Village in Sri Lanka, rejoice to know that Scott will be on the ground in Haiti. His passion for people and this work is unsurpassed. Having seen CBF disaster relief personally, I am thankful to be able to give toward the work in Haiti. Corpus Christi people and churches are already engaged in continuing, specific prayers for Scott and Steve and Nancy James as they seek to be the presence of God in this devastated land. Please let us know as specific prayer needs arise.

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