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A Hymn for Martha Stearns Marshall Sunday

Courtney Kreuger, pastor of First Baptist Church, Pendleton, SC authored and offers the following hymn for use among churches observing Martha Stearns Marshall Sunday or other women’s emphasis:

For Women of Old And Women Today
Tune: LYONS (O Worship the King)

Written with love and appreciation for the women on staff at First Baptist Church of Pendleton

For women of old, whose faith was so bold,
We sing gratefully, Lord help us to be
A people of grace and mercy and true love
As they did may we look to Thee up above 

“Apostle of note, Junia” Paul wrote,
Imprisoned with him, she risked life and limb.
Sarah she laugh’d hard when God said she’d give birth
Reminding us God’s call will often bring mirth. 

To go see the king was Esther so brave,
Her people they sang, “Our lives you did save!”
Ruth was not a Jew yet she showed her deep faith,
“Your people are mine now, I’ll walk in your way.” 

How strong Mary was, to say to the Lord,
“Let it be with me, according to your word.”
A deacon was Phoebe, Deb’rah was a judge
These women they lead us and teach us to love. 

We thank you O God, for women today,
Who still heed your call, and help us obey.
They lead and they preach and they serve and they pray
Lord, help us to follow and walk in your way.

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