General CBF

The Future Looks Bright

After recently being part of the ChurchWorks event in Nashville I can say with complete integrity that the future of the CBF movement looks good.

Being one of the veterans present at the conception of True Survivors makes my perspective somewhat unique (I regularly substitute unique for old). To say it’s been reminiscent of a roller coaster ride would be understatement; but that’s to be expected in the ministry world.

The key is that True Survivors shifted officially into the CBF fold and over time morphed into ChurchWorks. With the melding of Current and the annual educator event CBF has a strong programmatic and ministry foundation from which to draw and grow. Add into this mix the obvious brains, talents and gifts present in Nashville and the short and long term future of this movement looks exceptionally bright.

Hats off and Kudos to Dr. Prosser, to Current and the CBF ministries team that made this event possible. It’s enough to make an old, er, uh, unique educator tear up!


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