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Lay Leadership and CBF Resources

I had the pleasure of attending the CBF of Virginia General Assembly last month in Virginia Beach where I staffed the CBF booth.  We had some traffic at our booth at the event, but I received the most response on Saturday morning at the Sunday School teachers workshop led by Bo Prosser at Freemason Street Baptist Church in Norfolk.  I was amazed that the lay leadership attending this event didn’t know about the CBF Store or about the resources we have to offer.  One missions teacher was looking for missions resources for her preschool class this summer and I recommended the summer quarter of Form, our preschool missional formation resource.  An education committee chair had never heard of the It’s Time study.  She felt strongly that her church should go through the study and ordered an It’s Time kit.

The majority of our orders come through ministers who are on staff in churches.  This event made me wonder, “How do we get CBF resources into the hands of lay leadership?”  One way you can help us is by completing this online survey.  What are some other ways we can communicate with lay leadership in our churches about CBF and our resources?

As always, you can shop for CBF resources online at

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