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Mission travel overseas may require additional insurance

We’re hearing from numerous CBF churches that are planning mission trips overseas later this year. Most people who travel create lists of things to be done in preparation before departure. I’d like to encourage you to make sure international trip insurance is at the top of your list.

If you leave the country, generally your medical insurance will not go with you. If you or someone on your trip should get sick, international hospitals may require payment at the time of service. Hospitalization could change plans, extend stays at hotels, require changes to flight ticketing, or other transportation. And if a sick person needs special transportation, the cost could exceed five or six figures.

That’s why CBF and Church Benefits Board created, your one stop place to purchase international trip insurance. You can find all of the options your group may need, plus there are discounts for group size, age of participants and even special discounts for students.

Insurance policies are issued by International Medical Group (IMG), which was chosen because it has an entire division devoted to missionary business. IMG offers live claims service 24/7, plus multi-lingual operators who can assist with emergencies in any country in the world.

I know there are many things to do, to pack and to make ready before your international mission trip. Make sure your group has the insurance it needs. Created by CBF and CBB, can save both time and money. And give you the peace of mind when you travel that if something happens, you’re taken care of!

At the Church Benefits Board, benefits are our ministry. Let us know how we can help you fulfill God’s calling for you and your church.

One thought on “Mission travel overseas may require additional insurance

  1. Internatiaonl Medical insurance is so important. It is impressive that groups of five can travel protected for $2 a day per person. Thanks for offering this benefit.

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