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I attended my first CBF General Assembly – in Grapevine TX – a few months after I was hired by CBF of Missouri. My wife attended her first General Assembly a few years ago in Washington DC. Each year, the Assembly seems more inspirational, more informative, and more fun.

Sara and I enjoy the events and cities so much that we try to bring friends along to enjoy them with us. But this year, for the first time, we are trying something truly daring…we’re bringing our kids. This is a bold move because these aren’t just any kids. These are three of the world’s most unstoppable boys.

I think the Youth Assembly and Children’s Assembly are awesome ideas. Both of these programs demonstrate CBF’s commitment to families and its “investment in young Baptists.” I hope this experience with the Langfords doesn’t cause CBF to rethink that strategy.

Whether or not Charlotte is ready for us, we’re ready for Charlotte. As June approaches, the lure of water parks, scavenger hunts and whitewater rafting is just over the horizon. For weeks our youngest has been bragging to his school buddies about his summer trip to North Carolina. It seems he’s already caught in Charlotte’s web.

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