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Mountaintop Collaboration

Mountaintop experiences are glimpses of ‘something greater’ we are given along the faith journey.  Below is a photo that captures one of those glimpses. Feast your eyes upon the CBF Virginia coordinating council, and three very special guests. As we do each year, our council gathered on our Virginia mountaintop (Eagle Eyrie) to shape our strategic plan. Our theme was, “teamwork and collaboration,” and our special guests were Rick McClatchy (CBF Texas), Terry Maples (Tennessee CBF), and Harold Phillips (CBF Missouri). During our two days together, new friendships were fostered, insights gained, and laughter shared.

We came down from the mountaintop gaining a new perspective on this movement. You know, Fellowship Baptists in Texas share a good deal in common with those of us in Virginia. Missouri Fellowship Baptists share incredible ideas and energy. We have much to learn from Tennessee Fellowship Baptists in terms of missions and asset mapping.

We have a good deal more in common than we often realize. I am grateful for the mountaintop, and even more grateful for this collaborative work together.

CBFVA coordinating council and special guests.

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