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Disaster trailer is vehicle for involvement

The easiest way for a state CBF organization, or even a church to become involved in CBF Disaster Response efforts is to furnish a disaster relief trailer, which normally cost less than $10,000 to properly equip.

Charles Ray, CBF Disaster Relief Coordinator, told attendees at the Thursday workshop to engage your passion, efforts such as this at the church level are going to make the most impact.

“It may be overused by politicians today, but the grassroots level is what is going to make CBF Disaster Relief efforts successful going forward.”

On the floor of the resource center, CBF Virginia unveiled the newest version of the disaster trailer. What’s unique about this version is it carries two sets of tools: one for volunteers responding to natural disasters such as tornadoes, floods or hurricanes, and another set designed especially for youth to use.

“They’ll be doing various projects throughout the summer in their towns, like building wheelchair ramps, repairing porches or homes in an effort to show them the value of being a visible example of Christ in their communities,” Ray said.

The cost of the eight-foot trailer is around $2,000. To furnish it with power tools, chainsaws, generators and other gear used in disaster response, the church can collect donated items or purchase them new for about $7,000, according to Ray.

One thought on “Disaster trailer is vehicle for involvement

  1. Bob…my thanks to you for this post. We are looking forward to our “Pull and Play” trailer tour this fall 2010.

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