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Listening to the Bible on the bus

During Friday’s luncheon celebrating the You’ve Got the Time Bible listening initiative, attendees shared testimonies of how listening to the New Testament changed them and their churches.

I was particularly touched by the story of Virginia Taylor, the bi-vocational pastor of Lystra Baptist Church in Chapel Hill, N.C. A small congregation without many resources, Lystra Baptists benefited greatly from the free MP3 discs. Taylor had her congregation listening to Scripture throughout the week and discussing it each week on Wednesday nights.

But the most compelling response she received to the listening program happened to her on the city bus while commuting to her day job.

“It was a 30 minute-ride to work, and I could listen to that day’s Scripture on the way,” Taylor said. “When people asked what I was listening to, I was able to have conversations that led to inviting people to church and sharing Scripture.”

If your church hasn’t listened already, plan your 40-day listening program now. If you’ve already listened, listen again!

Learn more at

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