2010 General Assembly

Faith Mosaic

In the past two weeks I have had the opportunity to reflect upon this year’s General Assembly in Charlotte. The moment which has stuck with me most, was a message given by Bill Leonard at the Coordinating Council Dinner. He spoke about being Baptist and shared humorous and meaningful stories which shaped his faith. I will not repeat any stories here because putting them in print would not do them justice, but the truth behind his words is what has stuck with me.

            His faith was the result of people and their stories. People who were Sunday school teachers, professors, youth, or just regular members of his congregations through the years. His stories have caused me to reflect upon my faith story. Truth be told, Dr. Leonard and I share a common thread in our faith narratives, they are mosaics. Our faith is the result of pieced together stories and people. People who cared for us, taught us love, patience, and grace. In fact, I would venture to guess all of us can think of numerous people who have shown us compassion through the years. All of us are the result of a mosaic of a faith which has led us to become the follows of Christ we are today.

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