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Training Events Abound!

Church Start Academy
Aug. 19-21
Clemmons, N.C.
Are you curious about being a church planter? Maybe you are already taking steps to start a church and need some direction. Or you could be a church planter years into your ministry but could use some fellowship and conversation. Join us to KNOW church planting. Tex Sample, a specialist in church and society, is the main speaker. The event is sponsored by CBF and CBF of North Carolina. Cost of $150 includes lodging and most meals. Get more information and register online.

Travel Free Learning with a Congregational Coach
What is a key opportunity or challenge facing your personal ministry, your congregation, or denominational organization? Would you like to spend 50 minutes for $99 with an expert strategic leadership coach knowledgeable in this opportunity or challenge, or one deeply immersed in the leadership coaching process and able to assist with a multitude of issues? The Columbia Partnership offers a process called 50 for 99 that seeks to help you clearly define the issue, receive short-term, low-cost outside counsel, and then circle back around to hold you accountable for action.

Hopeful Imagination  – Wilmington, NC

October 22-23, 2010


Hopeful Imagination is for ordinary leaders who trust in an extraordinary God
…who seek a divinely guided church to transform leaders, cities, families

The steady, the faithful, the hopeful who keep their eyes and hearts open…
…for God to break in to our everyday places,
…to make a way for God’s plans,
…to declare the impossible possible.

To allow God’s Story to unfold uniquely through them.

Hopeful Imagination is for ordinary leaders who expect to be changed and deeply desire
to be used by God to change their world.

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