Brenda’s Prayer Update


Listening in on a small group discussion--my usual position in the language classroom.

Thank you for your prayers! I have returned safely from my summer travels. Another praise that I have, though, is that my Hong Kong permanent resident card was approved. A foreigner must be employed and resident in Hong Kong for 7 continuous years to obtain this card. It is similar green card status in the US, and means that I do not have to continually re-apply for a work visa in order to live in Hong Kong, and possibly will help with my China travel visas as well.

Shangao Summer English Camp was a great success! The pictures tell the story.

This year I had an international team of teachers for summer camp—a super group! Composed of Kowloon International Baptist Church of Hong Kong youth (blue shirts) and University Baptist Church teachers of Charlottesville.

Beautiful cooperation between the Kowloon International Baptist Church youth and the University Baptist Church teachers--the youth assisted by providing translation and leading out in class activities.

More than 80 elementary and middle school students attended Shangao Summer English Camp.

Shifting gears, participating in our quarterly board meeting for Angel House, a school for children with cerebral palsy in Nanning, China.

The Angel House board meeting went smoothly. The finances have continued steady and we had good reports from the Child Development Center and Youth Development Center. We are in particular need of qualified teachers and care-givers for the Youth Development Center. Two long-time staff are on maternity leave, and two other staff have taken other jobs. Pray for qualified, committed staff.

The Guangxi Christian Council training center project has almost reached their fundraising goal of ½ of Phase 1 cost. Phase 1 includes the multipurpose building that will be used as Bethel Church and the classroom building. To date, about 1/3 of the funds have been raised by local believers and the reminder from international friends. There is excitement as they continue to watch God at work. Pray that the fundraising continues to go smoothly, and that the contractor may proceed in confidence that the funds will be available for each phase of the project as needed.

 I close with an abridged quote I heard today while listening to a recent Barbara Brown Taylor sermon at Duke University Chapel on youtube: “Trust means weighing the risks and deciding you can handle it if it doesn’t turn out the way you plan.” She used a beautiful illustration from God’s covenant with Abraham to talk about faith and trust and I am still reflecting upon it, so I share it. If you wish to listen, it is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMrGK1JG4GA .



One thought on “Brenda’s Prayer Update

  1. Dear Brenda:
    Blessings on you missionary journey! It is wonderful to know that you continue being a “pilgrim” for Christ in Hong Kong. Be strong in the Lord! Our prayers for the mission of the church in China continue.

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