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Thoughts from Baptist World Congress 2010

I recently returned from the Baptist World Congress meeting in Hawaii and this was my first experience with such a diverse group of Baptists.  I was in charge of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship booth for the event and I learned quickly that we can’t always refer to ourselves as CBF as this also represents the Caribbean Baptist Fellowship in that setting.  Many people came by our booth who had never heard of Cooperative Baptists and it was a great privilege to share our vision, mission, and resources with them.

One of my favorite parts of the event was hearing the music represented from around the world.  The South Korea Children’s Choir and Orchestra performed in the open air hallways of the Hawaii Convention Center several times throughout the four days of the meeting.  What a treat to see them dressed up and performing so well for their young age.  The International Music Fest each day was also quite unique with various countries represented there as well.  If you were in attendance, what was your favorite part of this event?

Throughout the meeting, I made a list of all of the countries I saw represented on stage or among the people who visited our booth.  I was amazed at how long the list became and I thought it would be fun to share it.  If you were in attendance, can you add to the list?

1. United States – Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, California, Kansas, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Texas, Oregon
2. India
3. Nigeria
4. Jamaica
5. Liberia
6. Fiji
7. Dominican Republic
8. Peru
9. Norway
10. United Kingdom
11. Australia
12. Wales
13. Chile
14. Sierra Leone
15. South Korea
16. Myanmar
17. South Africa
18. Hong Kong
19. Cuba
20. Latvia
21. Canada
22. Brazil
23. Ecuador
24. Turks & Caicos
25. New Zealand
26. Macedonia
27. Togo
28. Cameroon
29. Zimbabwe
30. Malaysia
31. Sri Lanka
32. Moldova
33. Cambodia
34. Thailand
35. Netherlands
36. Congo

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