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A Good Word from Brooklyn

I received a thank you note about a week ago from children who had attended CLUE camp in Brooklyn, New York this summer. These camps, a joint ministry of Greater Restoration Baptist Church in Brooklyn and Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries in Manhattan, provide a safe place for children in the summer to have fun in a structured environment. The camps are led by CBF congregations and churches from other traditions.

The children were expressing gratitude to CBF for sending two students to work with them throughout the summer. Tiffany Murray and Holly Johnson served through Student.go, a program for college and seminary students and recent graduates to serve around the world in various sorts of ministries. About fifty students participated this summer, including Tiffany and Holly who invested their lives in the children of Brooklyn. And the children of Brooklyn have expressed their thanks to CBF–and by extension to all the churches and individuals who are part of this Fellowship–for making it possible for two people to be the presence of Christ among them.

I’m grateful for the good work of Tiffany and Holly. I’m grateful to Tabernacle Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia who took the time to send the “Thank you.” I’m grateful for the good work of Greater Restoration and Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries. And I’m grateful for the 25 kids who are going to miss Tiffany and Holly. They said as much in their notes.

I’m also hoping some of you out there will participate in Student.go next year.

The children of Brooklyn are eagerly anticipating another summer!

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